Friday Funny – Rowan Atkinson and Eric Idle open/close the 2012 London Olympics


With the potential of more lockdowns on the horizon, there’s not much to laugh about these days during our current world state of social distancing, sheltering and working from home and the seemingly endless number of Zoom calls that seem to populate at the same rate as rabbits.

So, let’s start a new feature on Tellyspotting called Friday Funnies that will attempt to find a little something to laugh about each week until we all have the opportunity to safely connect in person with each other down the road. For our first effort, how can you not smile at the brilliance of Rowan Atkinson and Eric Idle as they bring their respective talents to the 2012 London Olympics. Enjoy.

Eric Idle closes the book on the 2012 London Olympics like only Eric Idle can…

If you find anything in your rabbit-hole travels around the Internets that you’d like us to feature as part of Friday Funnies on Tellyspotting, email us at….would love to see what you come up with!

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