For sale: ‘The Blackadder Pub’ — AND….it comes with a house!

A sign hangs outside the Blackadder pub, built in the back garden of the Old Post Office in North Burlingham, near Acle. – Credit: Brown & Co

Most fans of any television series are satisfied enough to just buy the entire series on DVD. Some may visit the town where their favorite series was filmed such as Port Isaac (Doc Martin), Holmfirth (Last of the Summer Wine) or, on my personal bucket list travel destination, Portmeirion (The Prisoner). For some lucky buyer, Edmund Ramsdale took his love of a certain British comedy series to not just the next level but far beyond that.

Ramsdale, a paralegal working in Norwich who shares the same first name as the character played by Rowan Atkinson in the British comedy, Blackadder, built an actual pub in the back garden of the house where he lives, the Old Post Office in North Burlingham, near Acle.

Edmund Ramsdale behind the bar at the Blackadder, a pub he built in the back garden of the Old Post Office in North Burlingham. – Credit: Brown & Co

Ramsdale expanded what started out as just a run of the mill garden shed over the last decade, creating a fully stocked bar complete with a saloon bar and lounge. Dedicating the pub to his favorite TV series, Mr Ramsdale even added a large mural of Lord Blackadder on the wall, as well as ‘Baldrick’s Bar’ named after the character played by Tony Robinson.

A mural of Lord Blackadder hangs in the pub named after the character in the eponymous TV series. – Credit: Brown & Co

Built on a concrete base with a timber frame, The Black Adder was a real benefit during lockdown – open all hours for Mr Ramsdale’s family and with no closing time at 11pm.

The pub has been incredible during the pandemic when all pubs were closed. My family and I had many good nights without having to leave homeI’ve always been a fan of Blackadder, with the same name. I like pubs such as the Wig and Pen in Norwich so I just decided to create my own version, recounted Ramsdale recently to the Great Yarmouth Mercury.

The Old Post Office in North Burlingham, near Acle. – Credit: Brown & Co

Unfortunately, Mr Ramsdale’s beloved watering hole, along with the property he lives in, The Old Post Office, is now for sale for offers over £450,000. David Hinton, senior associate at Brown & Co property agents in Norwich, said: “The Old Post Office is a unique property in its own right, dating to 1840 with five bedrooms and a delightful gardenHowever, what makes it extra special is the fact it comes with its own pub in the back garden. How many homes can boast that?”

Personally, for my money, I’d more like to think of it as you’re buying a working pub and what makes it extra special is that it comes with a 5 bedroom house and delightful garden in the front yard. Who’s with me?

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