Returning to the Dales with ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ S2 — Such fun!

Patricia Hodge joins the cast of All Creatures Great and Small. Photo courtesy: PBS Masterpiece

New faces, returning favorites including Tricki Woo, a will they/won’t they get together story and lots of cute lambs are in store when series 2 of All Creatures Great and Small returns in Winter 2022 on PBS. “I do love it here. The place. The work. The people…”, so says James Herriot (Nicholas Ralph)….and, based on viewer feedback after series 1 which premiered in January 2021, so do a lot of people around the world.

The new season will see a number of new faces making their way to the Yorkshire Dales. As we reported previously, following the passing of Dame Diana Rigg, Patricia Hodge will step into the iconic and beloved role of Mrs Pumphrey for series 2. A very familiar face to fans of British comedy and drama on PBS, Hodge is known for her work in series such as Miranda, A Very English Scandal, and appearances in Masterpiece series such as Roadkill, Poirot, and Downton Abbey.

Photo courtesy: PBS MasterpieceOther new faces include Dorothy Atkinson (MumCall the Midwife) as Diana Brompton, who captures Siegfried Farnon’s eye, and James Fleet (The Vicar of DibleyBelgravia) as Colonel Merrick, an impressive military man and local farmer.

Fortunately, audiences haven’t seen the last of the Darrowby clan as stars Nicholas Ralph (James Herriot), Samuel West (Siegfried Farnon), Rachel Shenton (Helen Alderson), Anna Madeley (Mrs. Hall),  Callum Woodhouse (Tristan Farnon), and, of course, Derek the dog (Tricki Woo) are all set to return in Season 2.

In addition, Matthew Lewis will return in his role as Hugh Hulton despite being jilted by Helen at the altar which might just leave the door open for James, perhaps?

Photo courtesy: PBS Masterpiece

One of the most pressing matters in series 2 will involve Siegfried telling Tristan he passed his veterinarian school exams, even though he failed part of the test. While very little is known about additional storylines for series 2, the cast spoke with PBS Masterpiece producers at the end of series 1 and shared their individual ‘hopes’ for their characters in series 2.

Nicholas Ralph (James): “I hope James takes the courage and encouragement of becoming partner, of everything’s that happened in the last few episodes, and takes it in his stride, as I’m sure he will. …And romantically, I hope he gets to go on a first date with Helen. That would be amazing.

Samuel West (Siegfried): “I want to see Siegfried excited by things. I think that he’s a man of great enthusiasms, and although his form in the series—and I don’t mind this at all—is often to be disapproving about things, he’s also somebody who wants to be a good vet, wants to dive back into life and love, with all the energy that having a young and successful partner in the business has given him.

Rachel Shenton (Helen): “I hope she gets to explore what she really wants, and I hope she gets to be her, and not have to consider so many other voices in what she’s doing—I think by nature, she will.

Callum Woodhouse (Tristan): “James has made Tristan more work-focused, and Tristan has made James loosen up a bit and be able to have a good laugh. I’d like to see that continue, really, and see them both continue to have fun, but also crack on when they need to.

Anna Madeley: “I hope her world opens up some more. I think it’s interesting how Mrs. Hall’s managed to establish a new life for herself in this community, and it would be lovely to see that really blossom even further, and see what challenges it would bring. ”

Thankfully, according to series writer Ben Vanstone, fans can expect plenty of heartstring-tugging animal stories including cases involving lambs. “You’re going to see some lambs, which we couldn’t do last year because we were in the wrong season…” Vanstone revealed. “From about now through to late May is lambing season, so we should have some lambs for you.

All Creatures Great and Small S2 returns in early 2022 on PBS Masterpiece.

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