‘Endeavour’ set for June 19 return on PBS with S8 premiere!

Shaun Evans and Roger Allum in Endeavour. Photo: Masterpiece PBS

Shaun Evans reprises his role as DS Endeavour Morse, alongside Roger Allam as DCI Fred Thursday for three new stellar cases set in 1971 Oxford, England when series 8 of Endeavour returns to Masterpiece Mystery on PBS beginning Sunday, June 19, 2022 at 9/8c.

Due in large part to an overall production shutdown for the coronavirus pandemic, it’s been almost a full two years since the last series of Endeavour aired so, chances are, you might not remember that, in series 7’s final episode, tensions between the two detectives reached the boiling point with long-unspoken resentments – Endeavour’s superiority complex, Fred’s more old-fashioned policing techniques – were finally aired. Standing over a corpse, the pair hurled insults at each other until the usually well-mannered pathologist Dr Max DeBryn had to break them up.

Remember, it was Endeavour who vowed to transfer to another police department as he continued to follow leads regarding the freak accidents – which led to him and DS Jim Strange accidentally discovering and apprehending the towpath killer, who turned out to be the same man whom Fred had suspected all along, despite Endeavour’s doubts.

A more contrite Endeavour headed off to Venice, after finally working out that the deadly freak accidents were being caused by his new friend, Ludo (whose wife, Violetta, Endeavour was having an affair with). There was a final moonlit showdown, in which Fred turned up just in the nick of time – before Violetta took a bullet for Endeavour, and he was last seen cradling her as she died.

Season 8 will open in 1971, with the new episodes reuniting the full Endeavour cast, including Anton Lesser (Game of Thrones) as CS Reginald Bright, Sean Rigby (Gunpowder) as DS Jim Strange, and James Bradshaw (Close to The Enemy) as Dr Max DeBryn.

Series 8, Episode 1, “Striker” has the Irish Republican Army (IRA) making a threat against the life of the Oxford Wanderers’ star striker and Endeavour is tasked with the duty of acting bodyguard. Episode 2, “Scherzo”, begins with a cab driver found dead in his taxi, owing a large debt to a colleague while episode 3, “Terminus”, a passenger is killed shortly after leaving a bus. Morse was also on the bus but was in a drunken stupor. He catches the bus again but it becomes trapped in a snowdrift. We’ll leave this one right here as this is where it gets really good….

There….you are now ready for June 19 and the return of Endeavour S8 on Sunday, June 19 on PBS! Cheers!

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