Well, it’s November, must be time for the annual Christmas adverts!

Photo: M&S

There’s something about walking into, I don’t know, any store right before Halloween and seeing Christmas decorations already up where you don’t look up to the sky and quietly say, “Really, can you not wait until at least Thanksgiving or, if you must, make it after Halloween?” That said, I can’t wait every year until the Christmas adverts hit the airwaves from the likes of John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury, Boots, etc.

As usual, 2022 looks as if it will not disappoint with the Marks & Spencer was one of the first (if not the first) out of the gate with the help of a couple of comedy legends. Much like the most important day for telly watching in the UK seems to always be Christmas Day (or Boxing Day, the day after), retailers and food chains generally pull out all the stops to tug at your heartstrings during the holiday season. Judging from the ones that have dropped so far, 2022 will not disappoint.

This year’s M&S effort begins with Fairy Godmother (Dawy French) trying to find a friend in one of the other tree decorations. When none will do, she brings the much-loved dog toy, Duckie, (Jennifer Saunders) to life. For obvious reasons, this alerts Duckie’s owner, the loveable Wylie, the family dog.

Marks & Spencer 2022 Christmas advert

Both French & Saunders sounded almost giddy when speaking of their role in the 2022 M&S advert.

I had the time of my life lending my voice to the Fairy that brought Percy Pig to life last year. I was so excited that M&S wanted to bring her back for more adventures and discover more of that AMAZING food… and, this time with a trusty new sidekick! To have my right-hand-woman back as that sidekick… well, obviously it was a yes with festive bells on from me,” said Dawn French about her Christmas ad return.

When the call came in asking me to be in the M&S Christmas ad, I didn’t have to think about it. And to bring the team back together for it? It was a Christmas MUST. I mean M&S Food just IS Christmas. And, I’m so thrilled to be the voice of the tatty and downtrodden, yet very lovable, Duckie,” added Jennifer Saunders.

Suddenly, it’s ok to begin thinking about the holiday season even though it’s only November 5.

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