Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like Mrs. Hall’s Shortbread from ‘All Creatures Great and Small’

Photo: Masterpiece PBS

Aside from the brilliant writing, the picturesque countryside and the quality acting, one additional thing that always registers with viewers when they speak highly of the current adaptation of All Creatures Great and Small is the great lengths the behind the camera crew goes to to insure both historical accuracy and continuity.

Food is no exception. From toast to roasts, breakfast to Christmas, the delectable food of All Creatures Great and Small and how it makes it from the script page to the table to the screen, attention to detail with regards to insuring historical accuracy is as important as the work of the costume designer, art director and location scout.

The Mouthwatering Food of All Creatures Great and Small. Photo: Masterpiece PBS

For ACGS, stylist/home economist Bethany Heald, whose job is part cook, part historian, must determine things such as what year did Worcester sauce suddenly appear or making sure eggs don’t have a date stamp.

Photo: Masterpiece PBS

In a recent interview with Masterpiece, Heald reveals the secrets behind the mouthwatering food of All Creatures Great and Small while sharing cooking and filming details, cast member favorites, food history, and even her very own shortbread recipe which doubles as Mrs. Hall’s (Anna Madeley) shortbread recipe.

Photo: Masterpiece PBS

Mrs. Hall’s shortbread is made a with a traditional recipe and using the traditional stamps, with different embossed patterns. You can get beautiful shortbread molds like we use—they used to be wooden and there are some really beautiful old shortbread molds out there, but now you can get plastic ones that are a bit more user-friendly. That was done to match a traditional mold.

I have to wonder if this is where Ted Lasso got his recipe for shortbread that he brings to Rebecca Welton’s (Hannah Waddingham) AFC Richmond office daily?

Definitely something to consider making for Valentine’s Day.

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