‘Blackadder’ set for Red Nose Day return….well, sort of.

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While there have been endless rumors over the years of a Blackadder re-boot, it seems as though the most recent idea flooding the Internets of a Blackadder reunion for this years Red Nose Day might actually have legs.

Unfortunately, however, it appears that this ‘reunion’ will be sans Rowan Atkinson and may feature only Tony Robinson as Baldrick. With director Richard Curtis confirming the news to Gary Davies on BBC Radio 2 this past week, this years Red Nose Day return would be the first for Baldrick in 20+ years.

When asked about what viewers could expect during this years Red Nose Day, Curtis replied: “God I’m really nervous about saying this but…for the first time in 20 years, Baldrick is going to be giving some kind of performance.

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When asked if series star, Rowan Atkinson would return, Curtis did address the possibility of a Rowan Atkinson sighting by saying, “‘No. Rowan’s far too serious to do any of that.” That said, Red Nose Day has certainly had its share of surprises over the years so one can hold out hope, right?

It was just last year that Atkinson addressed returning to the show in an interview with Radio Times and said it ‘certainly wasn’t impossible. That’s about a optimistic as I can be. I’d rather not speculate on when it could be set. But Blackadder represented the creative energy we all had in the ’80s. To try to replicate that 30 years on wouldn’t be easy.”

Blackadder appeared on screens from 1983 to 1989 for 24 episodes which included three specials and starred a host of famous actors including Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie so this years Red Nose Day return will be the first for Baldrick in 20+ years.

Of all the ideas that have graced the Internets over the years, one of the best early storylines (IMHO) was to have the next iteration of Blackadder set in the swingin’ 60’s featuring a Dave Clark Five-type band with a drummer by the name of Bald Rick. Alas, it was not to be.

Unfortunately, with any potential reunion, there would be no Lord Flashheart (Rik Mayall), and while the thought of getting the Edmund Blackadder, Baldrick, George, Lord Melchett, Queenie and Lord Percy/Darling band back together is very appealing, rumors of a Blackadder return seem to generally surface more frequently than announcements of a Rolling Stones farewell tour.

Photo: BBC

Much like the recent news of the return of Fawlty Towers, expectations would be sky-high for a Blackadder return given it had, perhaps, the best ending ever for a British comedy series, bar none. It might be time to leave well enough alone and let us remember it as it was some 30+ years ago.

Rowan Atkinson or not, Red Nose Day will transmit Sunday, 19 March on BBC One. 

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