For your viewing pleasure — a Dutch parody of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ courtesy of De TV-Kantine

Dutch satire show, De TV kantine does Keeping Up Appearances. Photo: De TV kantine

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then satirical parody imitation must be off the charts.

From the the Dutch satire TV show De TV-Kantine, comes their own take on the iconic BBC series, Keeping Up Appearances with Carlo Boszhard, Dutch TV personality, singer, impersonator, and host as Hyacinth. While admittedly just a tad bit ‘over the top’, you have to applaud them for getting it right, especially the facial expressions.

In case you don’t recognize him, that’s  Dutch singer, Frans Bauer who regrettably rings Hyacinth’s doorbell. Even on a Dutch TV parody, you can see it in Hyacinth’s eyes that she SO wishes Mrs. Councillor Nugent would walk by at that precise moment and witness a ‘famous singer’ entering the Bucket/Bouquet household.

Aside from Hyacinth, next door neighbor, Elizabeth Warren, is also spot on! The Keeping Up Appearances parody episode of De TV-Kantine aired in 2010.

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