‘All Creatures Great and Small’ begins filming on S4!

All Creatures Great and Small S4. Photo: PBS Masterpiece

It seems like the credits just ended on the final episode of series 3 of All Creatures Great and Small with the final episode airing on PBS a little over two weeks ago. Thankfully, our collective separation anxiety will be short-lived as production has begun on series 4 with cast and crew returning to the Yorkshire Dales this past Monday.

Series 3 began in Spring 1939 as James and Helen prepared to walk down the aisle with James, ultimately, becoming a partner in the business. Unfortunately, World War II and war with Germany is looming on the horizon and people are being encouraged to enlist.

Veterinarians, however, work in a ‘protected profession’ because of the importance of their roles, so are not required to serve but (***SPOILER ALERT***), in the final episode, James decides to enlist.

While nothing has been released as of yet with respect to series 4 storylines, one would guess that we’ll be seeing more of Mrs. Hall and Gerald, Tristan will continue to search for love, post Florence, and both James and Tristan will battle a balance between wanting to fight for their country and provide a necessary service as vets for the local residents of Darrowby.

If all holds true of form as it has for series 1-3, fans of Masterpiece on PBS can guess that series 4 of All Creatures Great and Small will head our way in January 2024. In the meantime, we can all pass the time and collectively get our Sunday night drama fix with new seasons of Endeavour, Grantchester, Ridley (starring Adrian Dunbar), D.I. Ray, Hotel Portofino, Annika and, hopefully, World on Fire!

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