PBS sets June premiere date for ‘Ridley’ with Adrian Dunbar

Adrian Dunbar in Ridley. Photo courtesy: ITV

After spending the better part of six+ series on Line of Duty dodging the possibility that, as Superintendent Ted Hastings, he was the ‘elusive H’, Adrian Dunbar plays a former police detective coaxed out of retirement to serve as a consultant on a complex murder case that has been plaguing a former protege in Ridley.

Alex Ridley hasn’t been sitting around watching telly since he retired. The former police detective has opened a jazz club with a friend and performs music throughout the series, which is an aspect of the character that Dunbar takes credit for championing.

Adrian Dunbar plays the piano and sings as Ridley. Photo: ITV

Ridley has a number of connections to series that will be more than familiar to PBS fans of Briitsh police procedurals.  Written and created by Vera‘s Paul Matthew Thompson, the drama also stars  Unforgotten‘s Bronagh Waugh as recently promoted Detective Inspector Carol Farman, who brings on her old mentor, Alex Ridley, to assist on cracking a complex murder case, before things take a dark and sinister turn.

The 8-part Ridley premieres Sunday, June 18 at 8pET/7pCT on PBS and running through August 6.

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