Closing the book on Endeavour Morse this Sunday on PBS Masterpiece!

Roger Allam and Shaun Evans in Endeavour. Photo: PBS Masterpiece/Mammoth Screen

As you prepare to put the cell phone on ‘do not disturb’ this Sunday, PBS Masterpiece does its best to prepare you for Endeavour: The Final Season with this brief look as to what’s in store for longtime partners and special friends and the special bond between Endeavour Morse (Shaun Evans) and DCI Fred Thursday (Roger Allam).

Series 9 begins in the Spring of 1972 with Morse returning to Castle Gate after taking time away in an effort to manage his troubled relationship with alcohol. But changes coming to CID and an increasing intimacy in Joan and Strange’s relationship promise upheavals both personal and professional for Morse.

Endeavour: The Final Season will consist of 3, 2-hour episodes beginning this Sunday. Members of their local PBS station can stream series 1-8 leading up to Sunday via the PBS app and online if you happen to have a spare 60+ hours. The final season will be available one-per-week to coincide with the broadcast.

June 18 at 9pET/8pCT
Season 9: Episode 1: Prelude
A murder in a College garden leads Endeavour to investigate a celebrated Oxford orchestra but, when a second tragedy hits, he discovers a story the ensemble would sooner forget.

June 25 at 9pET/8pCT
Season 9: Episode 2: Uniform
A crime wave has taken hold of Oxford. A debauched group of undergraduates are wreaking havoc across town, and the death of a uniformed policeman sends shockwaves through Castle Gate.

July 2 at 9pET/8pCT
Season 9: Episode 3: Exeunt
A series of death notices in the Oxford Mail, each with a distinctive, cryptic message, provides clues to Endeavour’s latest – and final – investigation. Meanwhile, Thursday is under pressure from a familiar face.

From the cobbled streets of Oxford to the criminal underworld of London, mysteries and secrets unfold it’s clear that unsettling ties to an old case set Morse and Thursday on a course that will propel them to the series’ end. The Inspector Morse/Lewis/Endeavour franchise has been at the forefront of cerebral telly for over three decades as John Thaw’s Inspector Morse series premiered in 1987.

When the book closes on Endeavour Morse, rest assured the crossword will be completed and the opera’s last note will sound as the sun sets behind Oxford’s dreaming spires as we say goodbye to the beloved long-running detective series Endeavour when it comes to an end beginning this Sunday through July 2. 🙁

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