North Hobart’s ‘Room for a Pony’ restaurant would appeal to both Hyacinth and Onslow!

Room for a Pony, Hobart. Photo courtesy: Room for a Pony

Even though it’s highly doubful that one of the best restaurants in Australia get its name from Hyacinth Bucket’s description of her sister Violet’s successful lifestyle, it is fun to think that the owners of Room for a Pony in North Hobart are long-time fans of the classic British comedy, Keeping Up Appearances.

Unlike Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream out of the San Francisco area which proudly boasts that it got its name as an homage to the two lead characters (Mr. Humphries and Mrs. Slocombe) from Are You Being Served?, sadly, I was hard-pressed to find even a remote link between the popular Australian cafe/restaurant and the British sitcom

That said, I’m going to continue to think there is an intended connection mainly because it’s more fun to think it was than not. I did find a photo of the front of cafe with Hyacinth (Patricia Routledge) out front that looked like a selfie but, unfortunately, I’m thinking photoshop at its best.

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream, San Francisco. Photo: Bill Young

While Hyacinth may not approve of the fact that the restaurant is a converted former petrol station on North Hobart’s busy Elizabeth Street cafe strip (338 Elizabeth Street, Tasmania, Australia to be exact), the menu seems to be one that would cater not only to Hyacinth and Richard with their nutella and banana brioche french toast with a moccachino, but to Daisy and Onslow too with its’ bacon and cheese butty, not to mention the fact that it’s dog-friendly. Who knows, even Rose and Violet might find something they like.

Nutella and Banana French Toast at Room for a Pony. Photo courtesy: The Ravenous Duck

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there is a swimming pool or sauna and there isn’t a Mercedes parked out front but it definitely appears like there actually is ‘room for a pony’ if you decide to bring yours to breakfast one day. I wonder, by chance, if they use Royal Doulton china with hand-painted periwinkles?

Would love to hear from any Australian readers of Tellyspotting if you’ve been and what you think. If you go, take a selfie and email it to us at and we’ll post it. BTW, a big TOH to Stephen Mattix for finding this and sending my way.

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