Post TIFF, ‘Alice & Jack’ headed to PBS Masterpiece in 2024

Andrea Riseborough (Alice) and Domhnall Gleeson (Jack) in Alice & Jack. Photo: PBS Masterpiece

Fresh off a very successful premiere last weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Alice & Jack will find its American broadcast home in 2024 as part of Masterpiece on PBS. In collaboration with British broadcaster, Channel 4, Alice & Jack will star Academy Award®-nominated actress and producer Andrea Riseborough (To LeslieBirdman) alongside actor, director and screenwriter Domhnall Gleeson (BrooklynThe Revenant).

Aisling Bea (Greatest DaysThis Way Up), Aimee Lou Wood (Sex EducationLiving) and Sunil Patel (This Time with Alan PartridgeStath Lets Flats) also appear in supporting roles. Equally as impressive on the other side of the camera, the series will be written by award-winning writer Victor Levin (Mad MenMad About You).

Alice & Jack is a love story for the ages. When Alice (Riseborough) and Jack (Gleeson) first meet they’re bound by a connection so powerful it seems nothing can break it, but will their path lead them to a place of happiness and togetherness? Or will life and their own emotional complexities get in the way? Honest, intimate, and surprisingly funny, the series shows love in all its unexpected, technicolor, kaleidoscopic beauty.

Tentatively set for a Spring 2024 premiere on PBS, click here for a brief teaser.

Both Riseborough and Gleeson sounded equally excited about the series. Riseborough said of Alice & Jack in a statement, “This story is for anyone who could or couldn’t make the sacrifice that love demanded, for anyone who battles and accepts the one who makes their soul soar, for anyone who longs to feel, who has felt, and who feels the tingling anticipation of love’s joy.

Gleeson added, “The only work I’ve wanted to watch and do since the pandemic is work about connection and love, and work with a sense of humor. Alice and Jack keep coming back to each other because they can’t help themselves — they find in each other something that they don’t have on their own. I think they’re soulmates, I think it’s bigger than just the two of them. Their story centers on connection and love in the most beautiful way and reminds us that we are always allowed to smile — even if it’s through the tears.

Look for Alice & Jack this Spring on PBS! No word yet as to a Channel 4 broadcast in the UK.

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