Let’s return to the Yorkshire Dales in January with ‘All Creatures’ S4

Photo: PBS Masterpiece

While it’s been far too long of a road for members of the All Creatures Great and Small Separation Anxiety Club since we last visited the Yorkshire Dales with the end of series 3, there is some welcome news on the horizon. Your wait is almost over as All Creatures Great and Small returns for the premiere of series 4 beginning Sunday, January 7, 2024 on PBS Masterpiece.

Since it’s been a bit, Nicholas Ralph, Rachel Shenton, Anna Madeley, and more reflect on where their characters found themselves by the end of Season 3, and what it all means for Season 4.

For series 4, it’s the spring of 1940 and change is on the horizon for everyone in Skeldale House. James and Helen wonder when the right time might be to start a family, Tristan’s absence is felt by all, and Siegfried attempts to hold the growing household, and himself, together.

All Creatures Great and Small S4 returns Sunday, January 7, 2024 at 9pET/8pCT on PBS.

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