North Yorkshire — where old phone boxes live out their twilight years!

Phonebox graveyard, North Yorkshire. Photo: Exploring GB

If you happen to be out and about in North Yorkshire, this might be one of those places you just might have to detour to and stop. Much like the World’s Biggest Ball of Twine (Cawker City, Kansas), the World’s Largest Catsup Bottle (Collinsville, Illinois) and, let’s not forget the six cities that claim the World’s Largest Frying Pan, the Red Telephone Box Graveyard in Carlton Miniott, North Yorkshire, is a must see, pull-off-the-highway roadside attraction.

Once a fixture on virtually every corner on the streets of the UK, sadly, technology advanced over the years and mobile phones became more widespread, the iconic red public telephone boxes became obsolete and were eventually removed from the city streets.

In varying stages of decay, the red telephone boxes are housed on a site that is part of an Imperial Service Station, which once served as a maintenance facility for British Telecom. Thanks to Mike Shores of North Yorkshire, the red boxes are being given a new lease on life as he strips and repaints them with their classic red shade.

Once the booths are restored, they’re sold on to feature in art instillations around the world, as well as being used as green houses, housing defibrillators, tiny libraries and even a coffee shop in Brighton. Not sure if this is a piece of Mike’s brilliant handiwork but I ran across one of these in Bath several years ago.

Red Telephone Box in Bath. Photo: Bill Young

An interesting side note, according to Exploring GB, the red telephone box was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott who also had a hand in the design of the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral which happened to be where we attended a premiere event for the PBS series, Wolf Hall, several years ago.

Liverpool Cathedral event for Wolf Hall. Photo: Bill Young

So….next time you find yourself in North Yorkshire, check out the red phone box graveyard and send us pics!

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