BBC, former Python Terry Jones, discover flying penguins!

Photo: BBC

The day BBC presenter, Terry Jones, discovered a colony of penguins which are unlike any other penguins in the world.

Back in 2008, the BBC announced that camera crews filming near the Antarctic for its natural history Miracles of Evolution series had captured footage of Adélie penguins taking to the air. Film maker, writer, former Python turned BBC presenter, Terry Jones, explained that, instead of huddling together to endure the Antarctic winter, these penguins actually take to the air and fly thousands of miles to the rainforests of South America where they “…spend the winter basking in the tropical sun“. Following Jones’ report, stick around for a very informative behind-the-scenes video which explains the dangers that Terry Jones encountered during his discovery!

To actually see how the BBC is able to make the impossible seem possible and see the great lengths that BBC producers have to go through on a daily basis to bring you the kind of stories that you will see no where else with footage unmatched anywhere on the telly today is truly brilliant.

Even though they have long vacated Television Centre, the Beeb never ceases to amaze….even on April 1.

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