Honoré Police Department welcomes DI Mervin Wilson to ‘Death in Paradise’ for S14

Don Gilet joins the Honoré Police Department for S14. Photo: BBC/Red Planet Pictures

With DI Neville Parker’s time on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie as head of the Honoré Police Department having come to an end, the search was on once again for a new DI to solve what seems to be a weekly murder on the tiny fictional picturesque island of Saint Marie.

DI Parker’ time on Saint Marie lasted a year longer than his predecessors with DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) lasting 3 seasons only to have his time end on the island at the wrong end of an ice pick, DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) arriving to investigate the death of his predecessor and staying on the island permanently as the new detective for seasons 4-6, after his wife informs him she is leaving him.

Goodman’s replacement on Saint Marie was DI Jack Mooney (Ardal O’Hanlon), a recent widower who was grieving the loss of his wife and who assisted the team on a case in London. He remained on the island from season 6 until mid-way through series 9.

Mid-way through series 9, enter DI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) . DI Parker initially dislikes being on the island (surprise!) and has severe allergies, especially to mosquito bites. He comes to the island only because they need a British detective to sign off on a case, and is forced to stay longer after a period of illness renders him temporarily unfit to travel. Ultimately, he decides to remain on the island and eventually warms to the island lifestyle for almost 4+ series.

Coming to Saint Marie for S14 will be Don Gilet (Lucas Johnson in EastEnders) as Detective Inspector Mervin Wilson. DI Wilson comes from London who arrives on Saint Marie and, surprise, isn’t overly pleased with his new surroundings. Hopefully, this brief message from Ralf Little will soften the transition a bit. 🙂


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In a statement, the newest DI heading to Saint Marie said: “Being offered the new lead role in Death in Paradise feels like a deeply loved and incredibly precious jewel has been placed in my hands. This is a big show with a big heart, and the love continually grows for it. It is my intention to never lose sight of that and to remain grateful, humbled and dedicated.” 

Gilet will first appear as Detective Inspector Mervin Wilson in this year’s Christmas special alongside returning cast members Don Warrington, Shantol Jackson, Ginny Holder, Élizabeth Bourgine and Danny John-Jules.

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