‘Midsomer Murders Mayhem’ podcast digs deep into “Dead Man’s Eleven”

Midsomer Murders Mayhem podcast launched March 28. Photo: Storyhunter

Once again, THE podcast you been waiting for (and hopefully listening to) that digs deep and goes behind-the-scenes into the long-running British mystery series, Midsomer Murders!, continues to showcase the idea that things aren’t always that rosey when living in a picturesque small English village (in this weeks episode, the town of Fletcher’s Cross).

With new episodes dropping each Thursday, this week we dig deep into “Dead Man’s Eleven”, episode 3 from series 2 which was originally broadcast in 1999. Again, I find myself loving this episode as DCI Barnaby and DS Troy find themselves investigating the murder of Tara Cavendish, who meets the wrong end of a cricket bat near a quarry on her husband’s estate.

Even though the body count manages to hang right up there when compared to other Midsomer episodes with five (ok, two actually occur between 18 months and 9 years prior), nothing says corruption like healthy competition on the cricket pitch.

The weekly Midsomer Murders Mayhem podcast takes a deep dive into the history of the hit television show while discussing the eternal question of how such a quaint county in England can be host to so many murders and such a staggering death toll.

Hosted by Nicki Chapman (Escape to the Country, The RHS Chelsea Flower Show) with insights from the cast, each episode of the podcast focuses on a single episode of the television series. Both myself and Scottish comedian Ashley Storrie (Dinosaur) join Nicki as series podcast regulars with Ashley also serving as the brilliant host of the superfan quiz, with contestants found from the wonderful Midsomer Murders Facebook site.

As I have probably mentioned all too often, I absolutely love Midsomer Murders and, as I also mentioned, I had the extreme good fortune to be involved along the way as a series regular on a number of episodes (including this week’s episode of “Dean Man’s Eleven”).

Professional detectives, pathologists and crime-scene experts will also share their insights and opinions into the eternal appeal of the attractive, yet surprisingly lethal drama, which has seen cheese and washing machines used as murder weapons.

Midsomer Murders Mayhem podcast. Photo: Storyhunter

In this all-access podcast, we examine the series one nail biting episode at a time. We’ll hear from our two Inspector Barnabys, the production team will be sharing their secrets and you can see how your own Midsomer knowledge stacks up in the superfan face-off quiz.

This week, we’ll hear from Jane Wymark, who played Joyce Barnaby as well as writer Victoria Down from the Crime Writers Association. As usual, the fun doesn’t stop once Barnaby and Troy solve the crime as award-winning Scottish comedian, actor and die-hard Midsomer Murders enthusiast, Ashley Storrie, will host another round of the superfan face-off quiz.

Next Thursday (May 22), Nicki and Ashley will fast forward to series 19 and take a deep dive into episode 3, “Last Man Out ” where tensions, once again, run high on the cricket pitch. We’ll also hear from Midsomer Murders Mayhem resident in-house mortician, Carla Valentine.

Midsomer Murders Mayhem launched in late March which means you now have 8 brilliant episodes to catch up on at this point. Come along for the ride, it’s going to be brilliant if you’ve been a fan of Midsomer Murders for 24 seasons or if you just hopped on the bandwagon recently. Take a listen wherever you get your podcasts or by going to podfollow.com/mayhem or if you can’t wait any longer, you can listen below. Let us know what you think and tag your comments with #midsomermurdersmayhem on your favorite social media outlet.

Don’t forget, you can also follow the Midsomer Murders Facebook page for all the latest insider news at  facebook.com/OfficialMidsomer

And, finally, remember that you can watch Midsomer Murders wherever it pops up on your on your local public television station via American Public Television. North Texas viewers can watch every Thursday at 7:00pCT on KERA! Cheers!

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