• CarPool w/ Krytie anyone?

    CarPool w/ Krytie anyone?

    Robert Llewellyn, of Red Dwarf fame, has embarked on a really cool project called CarPool with Robert Llewellyn. This weekly video podcast was started just over a year ago by Llewellyn and takes place in Robert’s hybrid/electric car. Past passengers have included individuals whose work you are probably are very familiar with, but might not know the name, […]

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  • French & Saunders end 24-year partnership as Jam cancelled

    French & Saunders end 24-year partnership as Jam cancelled

    They started together in Girls on Top in 1985, continued through French & Saunders, collaborated on numerous Comic Relief sketches and, ultimately, now end with the cancellation of their latest three year collaboration of Jam and Jerusalem. In between, some incredibly successful individual efforts with Murder Most Horrid, Wild West and Vicar of Dibley from […]

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  • Happy 2010 from Tellyspotting!

    Happy 2010 from Tellyspotting!

    Can’t tell you what a blast this has been so far since the beginning of Tellyspotting. It’s hard to believe it’s only been three months since the initial post on October 1. Just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone that has followed us on @tellyspotting, has accessed the blog whether it be once a […]

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  • A Mr. Bean wedding

    A Mr. Bean wedding

    For a number of reasons, New Year’s Eve always seems to pop up as a possible wedding date for those planning a wedding. Not as much as June, but fairly significant. So, if you find yourself in a wedding, attending a wedding or having a wedding on New Year’s Eve 2009, one word of advice. […]

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  • OMG! The Vicar and Sting?

    OMG! The Vicar and Sting?

    This “special edition” of the Vicar of Dibley was created for a recent Red Nose Day broadcast in the UK. Launched on Christmas Day in 1985, Comic Relief and its’ 1988 creation of Red Nose Day bring together the greats of comedy talent in the UK to raise money for famine relief in the UK […]

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  • A Christmas Story with Ozzy Osbourne

    A Christmas Story with Ozzy Osbourne

    Before we leave the holidays behind for 2009, this was too good to pass up. Narrated by our very own Geoffrey Palmer, the BBC’s Grumpy Guide to Christmas was broadcast on BBC Two this past week. How can you go wrong with a show that’s billed as “middle-aged celebrities bring tales of festive humbug”. Got […]

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  • The Holy Grail – The Directors Lego cut

    The Holy Grail – The Directors Lego cut

    As you struggled this past week to put together that last minute Christmas gift with no instructions, instructions in a foreign language or maybe you forgot the ever-important AA or AAA batteries, take a deep breath and remember a simpler Christmas when Legos, coupled with imagination, were the gift of choice.

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  • Turkey leftovers in Dibley, Bowie & Bing

    Turkey leftovers in Dibley, Bowie & Bing

    We end our salute to the ultimate holiday celebration, Britcom style, with the conclusion of the Vicar of Dibley Christmas Lunch. Geraldine has survived another year and it’s time for leftovers and charades. Wish Jim would have done Dr. No. Now that we have sufficiently celebrated the holidays, Britcom style, for your viewing and listening […]

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  • Thank goodness Owen's cows can't talk

    Thank goodness Owen's cows can't talk

    Owen longs to hear a human voice on Christmas Day and end his 38 year rejection string so even Geraldine can’t turn down Christmas lunch #4. Owen’s Christmas tripe may end her attendance at Christmas lunches forever. Later, all is forgotten when Tristan Campbell pops the question….is it time for Mel to go? In our […]

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