• B4 Geraldine and House

    B4 Geraldine and House

    Many of your favorite Britcom stars had several series under their belts before that one classic role that we all know them for today. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll dig up some classic telly clips from the early days of British comedy stars so you can enjoy not only where they are now, […]

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  • Pirate Radio – They rocked a generation…and a few MP's along the way

    Pirate Radio – They rocked a generation…and a few MP's along the way

    Richard Curtis, creator/writer of Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, Blackadder, Mr. Bean and Vicar of Dibley, turns his attention to a band of renegade DJ’s who’s love affair with rock & roll changed the world forever in Pirate Radio. They defined a generation. They drove the British government crazy. Giveaway! Free […]

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  • Horror descends on Dibley

    Horror descends on Dibley

    In a sleepy little British village on the outskirts of London, peace and tranquility are shattered by the horror of a town that turns on the new vicar. It’s almost more than this reporter can take, but I will endure in the interest of bringing it to you on this day.

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  • Happy Halloween from Tellyspotting!

    Happy Halloween from Tellyspotting!

    A slight deviation from ‘all things British’ to celebrate tonight’s decidedly “American” holiday. That said, only the British can put a comedic touch on the traditionally scary goings on. Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie first worked together when they were students at Cambridge University. This from their series, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, which […]

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  • Ladies of Letters – Civilized cattiness at it's finest

    Ladies of Letters – Civilized cattiness at it's finest

    Aptly described in the British press as “Talking Heads meets Keeping Up Appearances“, the highly successful BBC Radio 4 series, Ladies of Letters, recently made the always dangerous leap to television. Thanks, in large part, to the wonderful acting talents of Maureen Lipman (Irene Spencer) and Anne Reid (Vera Small) , Letters takes the long-running […]

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  • Posh Nosh – Extraordinary food for ordinary people

    Posh Nosh – Extraordinary food for ordinary people

    Only in recent years, has the British culinary scene risen like the sun over the English Channel. The Fat Duck in Bray, county of Berkshire, was named the best restaurant in the UK and the second best restaurant in the world in 2008. (FYI, their 2009 food issues have been resolved and they’ve returned to […]

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  • Happy 70th, Mr. Cleese

    Happy 70th, Mr. Cleese

    What better way to celebrate John Cleese’s 70th birthday than with a look back at, perhaps, the two most classic clips from the greatest British comedy of all time. I will admit, however, that I’m feeling the same way about hearing John Cleese turned 70 on October 27 as I did when seeing the 25th […]

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  • The Kitty Monologues – Hyacinth B4 Hyacinth

    The Kitty Monologues – Hyacinth B4 Hyacinth

    Taking a somewhat 180 degree turn on the “where are they now” concept, I thought fans of Patricia Routledge and Hyacinth Bucket would enjoy a “what did they do before” moment with this pre-Keeping Up Appearances character from the Victoria Wood: As Seen on TV series that aired on the BBC in the mid-80’s. Recorded […]

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  • And you thought the UK wasn't funny

    And you thought the UK wasn't funny

    Next time you travel to the UK, take a break from the pubs and think about a comedy tour of England, which boasts not only numerous birthplaces of your favorite Britcom stars, but you can quickly check out places like Yorkshire, home to the longest-running sitcom on television, Last of the Summer Wine. You can […]

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  • Not the Messiah…Python style

    Not the Messiah…Python style

    Spamalot creator and original Monty Python member, Eric Idle, has once again put pen to paper for a one-night only ‘humorous oratorio’ based on The Life of Brian that will see its European premiere (and close) Friday, October 23 at Royal Albert Hall in London. Billed as being “like Handel only funnier”, Not the Messiah […]

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