A few Boxing Day bits and bobs

Doing a bit of Sherlock work on and around the Internets, post-Downton Abbey Christmas special, post-Doctor Who Christmas genius and post-Eastenders Christmas, one realizes that time does not stop for Boxing Day.

Telly fans in the UK have now set their sights on the 1 January premiere of the Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss brilliant second season of Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. But there is much more to look forward to in 2012 on both sides of the pond and some 2011 fun stuff to already look back on while we collectively wait for 1 January. Before we hit the ’empty cache’ button, here are some bits and bobs we found over the last couple of days….

Helen Mirren – the 12th Doctor?

What could possibly be the next step for an Oscar-winning actress who has been a Mossad agent, a retired CIA operative, a DCI, The Queen and, the voice of Deep Thought in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? The first female Doctor, of course. Helen Mirren would love to be the next Doctor Who according to a recent interview in the Daily Star. While it was announced recently that Amy and Rory would be leaving, MIrren has her sights on becoming the first female Traveling Time Lord and not merely ‘his’ companion. Now that we know it’s possible, I’m all for it. You?

Red Dwarf X report from Shepperton

With two shows down and four to go, all reports from those that have been in attendance point to RDX being is the funniest since 1993. Thankfully, for those unlucky enough to not be in attendance either of the past two weeks, the official Red Dwarf site offers this reportwith pictures – of the first live studio audience recording in thirteen years. The consensus after the initial filming? Based on this first episode, Red Dwarf X is a series, …refreshed and revitalised, looking with trademark sharpness and depth to the future as much as to the past.

Dalek Christmas Tree

Sean Fallon over at MSNBC’s Gadgetbox went on a worldwide search recently, to find the nerdiest Christmas tree on the planet. While the one with ties to ‘the Doctor’ didn’t win the nerdiest title, it did crack the top-10. I’m ok that the Darth Vader tree, but having a bit of trouble with the thought that both Super Mario and Facebook finished ahead of our love-em or hate-em Daleks. Really?

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