28 days to Sherlock 2 on PBS, but who's counting?

Historically, Webster defines Sherlock as follows:

sher·lock (noun, often capitalized ) ˈshər-ˌläk, -lək: detective

Telly audiences, however, know better. The definition of Sherlock is: brilliance.

U.S. viewers have waited a long, long time for Sunday, 6 May. We’re inside a month now as, officially, it’s 28 days until the premiere of the second series of Steven Moffat / Mark Gatiss brilliance, Sherlock. UK viewers know exactly what we’re in for having been fortunate enough to have had access to the new set of three programs since early January 2012.

Watch Sherlock, Series 2 – Preview on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.

The first of what has to already be considered the best that television will have to offer in the whole of 2012 will air as part of PBS’ Masterpiece series on Sunday, 6 May, at 8p CT/9p ET. Having seen the first episode at the BBC Showcase this past February in Liverpool, this is vintage Sherlock with enough sexual tension between the world’s greatest detective and Irene Adler, the incredibly smart adversary who is an intellectual match for Holmes in “A Scandal in Belgravia”.

Watch Sherlock Season 2: A Scene from Ep. 1 on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.

Having crossed paths with Andrew Scott (Moriarty) in Liverpool at the BBC meeting, we briefly talked about the new series of Sherlock. After commenting I had just seen episode one and my takeaway was that this was already, perhaps, the best show on television in 2012, Scott gave that classic Moriarty grin and said, “…you haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until episode three“. Needless to say, that region 2 DVD is calling me louder and louder by the minute. Be strong.

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