Sherlock Masterclass at Edinburgh, August 24

With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee done and as the 2012 London Olympics winds down early August, you might be thinking can there be anything else this Summer that warrants my attention. Think no more. If you’re in the television industry, just go ahead and book your flight, hotel and get tickets now as Edinburgh will be THE place to be come 23-25 August. The now, set-in-stone, date for the Sherlock Masterclass at the Edinburgh International Television Festival will be Friday, 24 August. If you’re in the television industry and find yourself needing a bit of inspiration this panel and this year’s festival is the place to be for all kinds of reasons.

Sherlock star, Benedict Cumberbatch, will now join series co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, along with producer Sue Vertue and director Paul McGuigan on the panel. In addition to discussing how the show went from its simple original, developed on a train to Cardiff, concept to a brand that took the global marketplace by the throat (in a good way) and then, incorporated an extensive online presence which created their mega-following way beyond the over-the-air broadcast both in the UK and the U.S.

In addition, as promised, the writers will also reveal news about the long-awaited third series of Sherlock…which is currently set to tentatively begin filming in early 2013. Ok, you had me when you named the panelists.

The festival runs from Thursday, 23 August through Saturday, 25 August. If you’re not in the television industry or finding yourself not in the vicinity of Edinburgh at this time, the major upside is that shortly after 24 August, we’ll be finding things out about series 3 of Sherlock. Are you ready for some Sherlock?

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