Add Cluedo: Sherlock edition to your holiday wish list

Looking around at some of the retail outlets in September, there may be a point in time where you say it’s a bit early to start thinking about the December holiday season, but personally it’s never too early to start thinking about your holiday shopping list and that includes preparing your own wish list. NEVER.

Not to worry. At tellyspotting, we are here to help you with your holiday shopping. Remember Clue? For those that don’t, the murder/mystery board game was created in the late 1940’s in Leeds, England by Anthony E. Pratt. The object of the game was for players to strategically move around the game board (a mansion), in the guise of one of the game’s six characters, collecting clues from which to determine which suspect murdered the game’s perpetual victim, Dr. Black (Mr. Boddy in North American versions), and with which weapon and in what room. Personally, I can’t begin to add up how many hours we would agonize over trying to figure out the whodunit. Was it Colonel Mustard in the Library with a Lead Pipe? Or was it Miss Scarlett with a Dagger in the Ballroom?

Fittingly, fast forward to the 21st century for the official Sherlock tie-in edition of Cluedo’s whodunit murder mystery board game which will be released in late October in the UK (again, not to worry. Amazon UK delivers to the U.S.!) Who killed Moriarty? Was it Mrs. Hudson, in the Tower of London with the Wrench, or Irene Adler, in 221B, with a Candlestick?

Now that your in a holiday giving and/or receiving mode, how about checking out the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Monopoly game for that ultimate Doctor Who fan in your household (ok, it might be for you, admit it). It features all 11 Doctors, Daleks, companions, villains, monsters and even Captain Jack. There are also special Doctor Who tokens to use.

Just stick with tellyspotting the next few months (and beyond, of course) and see how easy holiday shopping can be.

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