Doc Martin's Portwenn surgery set to re-open next month for series 6 filming

This just in, the long-awaited return of Doctor Martin Ellingham’s surgery to the fictional village of Portwenn is just around the corner. As many Doc Martin fans already are aware, series 6 begins filming in April for a new set of eight episodes for ITV that should premiere in the UK this Fall and Spring 2014 on public television stations in the States. The Cornwall village of Port Isaac will be transformed into the fictional village of Portwenn with cast and crew making the trek from April through July of this year.

Should you decide to make the journey to ‘Portwenn’, a quick walk around will take you past many of the immediately recognizable filmed locations in Doc Martin as seen on the map below, including the Doc’s surgery, Bert’s Restaurant, the Chemist, The Platt, the Quay, the School, Louisa’s old and new houses and Wenn House.

1 Doc Martins Surgery….7 Louisa’s Old House
2 Berts Restaurant…….8 Louisa’s New House
3 Chemist………………9 Wenn House (The Bay Hotel)
4 The Platt……………..10 Funeral Parlour (series 5)
5 Quay………………….11 Garage (series 5)
6 School

Should you decide to make the trip, check out The Bay Hotel, which doubles as Wenn House in the series. If you do, don’t forget to say hi to The Bay Hotel’s resident Great Dane, Gino, Port Isaac’s official RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) mascot. Owned by The Bay Hotel’s proprietor, Gino even has his own RNLI-branded lifejacket equipped with two saddlebags which have been embroidered and donated for him to wear on his daily village patrols.

Lots of questions to be answered in series 6, the main one, obviously, is whether or not the Doc and Louisa finally get married. When asked recently as to what news he might be able to share with Doc Martin fans around the world, series star Martin Clunes said, “…“I’m thrilled to be going back to the beautiful North Cornish coast to shoot series six of Doc Martin. Our challenge this season will be to force Louisa (Caroline Catz) and the doctor to live together with baby James, which as far as I can see has disaster written all over it. And then there’s the dog and Dame Eileen, but not necessarily in that order!”.”

Unfortunately, at this point, not too much is known about what’s in store for the residents of Portwenn in series 6 but what we do know is that Dame Eileen Atkins will return as Martin’s Aunt Ruth along with Ian McNeice as local restaurateur Bert, Joe Absolom as Bert’s son Al and John Marquez as local police officer PC Joe Penhale.

The rumor is that this will be the final series of Doc Martin but we refuse to even think the unthinkable at this point in time….

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  • Addicted, I own all 5 seasons on DVD.

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  • Ramon Newton

    “…Dame Eileen Atkins will return as Martin’s Aunt Ruth…….” Did she not die in the earlier series?

    • @Ramon: your comment did go through. It was the Doc’s Aunt Joan, played by Stephanie Cole , that passed in an earlier series of Doc Martin. The Doc’s Aunt Ruth will be back according to reports.

    • etonni

      No that was his beloved Auntie Joan.

  • Martin Ellacott

    I just love everything about the Show and every character is a star by themselves. Wish it could go on for years. Best of luck to the cast and crew.

  • Ruth Lang

    I just found Doc Martin on Netflix and haven’t been able to do anything but watch all five seasons…I love this! So well written and Martin and Caroline are divine as is all the cast…please don’t let season 6 be the last…I haven’t seen a series as perfect as this for a long, long time….

  • etonni

    What about the crazy chemist lady?

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  • Sam H

    I just discovered Doc Martin on Netflix a month ago. I am addicted and have watched all the way through Season 6 which I bought from Amazon. Please make season 7.

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  • Roxanne Troyer

    I am addicted to this show. I watch an episode every evening on Hulu. Please do not let season 6 be the last. It makes me want to live there everytime I watch the show. This show has morals.

  • Brenda

    I JUST LOVE Doc Martin,I hope they do a lot of new episodes.

  • Brenda

    I JUST LOVE Doc Martin,I hope they do a lot of new episodes.