UK's biggest pub, The Great British Beer Festival, is just around the corner

One of the greatest inventions on the planet, the pub. The neighborhood ‘local’ is the center of community life in the UK. For me, The Nags Head in Belgravia is the perfect example of what a good pub should be (say hi to Kevin for me). The Nags Head just might be one of the smallest pubs in the UK, but your chance to visit the polar opposite is only a couple of days away.
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The Great British Beer Festival, otherwise known as ‘the UK’s biggest pub’, runs 13-17 August. Expected to attract more than 55,000 people this year, there is still time to hop on a flight from the States on Sunday, take Monday as your jet lag day and be ready to hit the ground running on Tuesday. With over 800 ales, ciders and foreign brews on display for the annual CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) gathering at Olympia London, if you’re a beer lover, this is the place to be.


Formed in March 1971, CAMRA is an independent, voluntary organization campaigning for real ale, community pubs and consumer rights. With 149,424 members around the world, the organization has been described as the most successful consumer campaign in Europe whose purpose is to support the pub as the one place in which to consume real ale, also known as cask-conditioned beer, or cask ale.

Expert beer taster, Neil Walker, put together his five top pints not to miss at the show for the Radio Times just to give you something to do between the music, shopping, food pairings and pub quizzes.

So, nothing to do next week? Support the pub, biggest one (The Great British Beer Festival), the smallest one (The Nags Head) or ant favorite local in-between. For admission and tasting tickets, click here.

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