Did you catch the 'Doctor Who' Easter-egg in 'Sherlock' credits?

Periodically, you run across things on the Internets that make you realize there are people who have jobs where they have more fun than the law allows. You are also so thankful for those individuals because of what they create. Such is the case with Sherlock co-creators/writers Mark Gatiss and current Doctor Who show runner, Steven Moffat.

Case in point. It seems as though the Sherlock series 3 opener, “The Empty Hearse”, had a bit of a Doctor Who Easter egg in the credits of PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery version airing in the States. Because the credits are an add-on to the series production credits, the self-proclaimed Sherlock Holmes fanboys had a little fun adding a few well-placed red letters to the all-white letter credits.

As the video spells out, the red letters spell out “Weng-Chiang”, which is the name of the evil god in “The Talons of Weng-Chiang” from the Tom Baker era. Why Weng-Chiang you ask? That particular 1977 Who episode is the only adventure in which the Fourth Doctor is seen without his trademark scarf, opting instead to wear a very Sherlock Holmes style outfit, deerstalker and all.

If you didn’t catch the subtle tip of the hat back in January when Sherlock premiered on PBS, not to worry. Not sure anyone did outside of YouTuber, James Kardatzke, who created the video explanation above.

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