Daleks: the greatest evil of all-time or misunderstood cyborg?

Unfortunately for William Hartnell and Matt Smith and all Doctors in-between, Daleks have been perceived (by themselves, mostly) as the supreme race in the universe with the sole purpose of universal domination and extermination. Their desire to purge the Universe of all non-Dalek life has solidified their place in Time Lord history as the all-time greatest enemy of the Doctor. In 2010, readers of science fiction magazine SFX voted the Dalek as the all-time greatest monster, beating out competition that included the Japanese movie monster, Godzilla.

But, are they simply a misunderstood race of tank-like cyborgs who just happen to have had every emotion removed except hate? It’s doubtful that the newest Doctor, Peter Capaldi, will feel this way after last night’s second episode, “Into the Daleks”, but maybe if he could just see his greatest enemy outside of their element, he might change his mind. You decide…

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The Daleks sing Gilbert & Sullivan

A Dalek in Love

A Very Dalek Christmas

The Daleks – Come Fly With Me


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