Get ready for Sunday with your ‘Call the Midwife’ DIY paper doll kit

At PBS’ request, it’s time to, once again, welcome the midwives of Nonnatus House to America. Hey, it worked for Downton Abbey so why not trot out a few paper dolls possibilities for the current bright and shiny drama from PBS, Call the Midwife. Kicking off an absolutely brilliant night of television that begins with …Midwife at 8p ET/7p CT, followed by Mr. Selfridge and then Wolf Hall, Call the Midwife now has its own set of paper dolls. The custom-made paper dolls of your favorite Nonnatus House midwives, include Chummy, Trixie, Barbara and Patsy. Collect a new doll each Friday! Since we are a little late to the party, here’s are previous weeks Trixie and Patsy cutouts to get you inspired and/or started. Click here for the full-size downloadable versions and have fun! Can’t wait for Chummy and put her on a bike!

Call the Midwife Patsy Paper DollTrixie paper dolls from Call the Midwife

Show your love for the residents of Nonnatus House by taking them to a few hot spots in your neighborhood. Take photos and/or videos of your adventures with the paper dolls, show PBS your posts on social media by using #MidwifePBS and they just might share it on their online platforms. PBS got it started for you earlier this week with Trixie’s visit to PBS headquarters yesterday. Remember to collect a new doll each Friday….and, watch Call the Midwife on Sunday!

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