Challenges aside, ‘Call the Midwife’ getting ready for home delivery of S10 soon!

Helen George (Trixie) during S10 filming of Call the Midwife. Photo: BBC

While producers of Call the Midwife were able to, thankfully, ‘deliver’ the annual Christmas special just in time for Christmas Day 2020, the full season of the drama did not arrive in time for its usual January slot this year thanks to COVID-19 and a five-month production delay. But, there seems to be light at the end of the Poplar tunnel…

The official Call the Midwife Facebook page reads: “We’re delighted to say that our tenth series filming continues apace, despite the obvious delays and challenges of the past year. Very soon we hope to be able to finish filming for the whole series… by which time we can then look forward to showing you the results!

One of the biggest challenges caused by the government lockdown delay was the need to film during the winter — as opposed to the customary summer filming — despite most of the action being set during the summer months. The curtain behind the ‘magic of television’ was pulled aside in a recent post on their official Twitter page sporting a behind-the-scenes shot of Trixie (Helen George) and Sister Hilda (Fenella Woolgar) heading off on their rounds from Nonnatus House.

With the caption reading, “The episode is set in late summer, but it’s filmed in the middle of winter, so our intrepid team must don their best grins and imagine the tropics while the cold wind whips around their pedals!” According to Radio Times, Some of the actors have apparently had to resort to using an old trick to avoid their breath becoming visible in shots: sucking on ice cubes as they ‘pretend’ it’s Summer in sub-freezing temperatures. Guessing the recent snow-dump on London didn’t help matters much!

Let’s hope we can return safely to Poplar and Nonnatus House in the not-too-socially-distant future on BBC One and PBS!


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