• Happy 79th, Ronnie Corbett

    Happy 79th, Ronnie Corbett

    Whether you’ve been enjoying British comedy for a number of years or have just discovered in recent years, Ronnie Corbett is a name that you need to be familiar with. Unfortunately, while Ronnie Barker (Open All Hours and Porridge) is no longer with us, Ronnie Corbett happily turns 79 on December 4. Ronnie Corbett first met […]

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  • Johnny Depp, Dibley's newest resident?

    Johnny Depp, Dibley's newest resident?

    Ok, so it was 1999, but there was a Johnny Depp sighting in Dibley by Geraldine and Alice that, briefly, made them not think about Richard Armitage. Fortunately, however, it did make Geraldine forget about her encounters with Owen over the years too. No word for a couple of years now on the news that […]

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  • Keeping Up Appearances – Take 2

    Keeping Up Appearances – Take 2

    Why do I like this show even more now? And, why do I really want to go to the pub with Geoffrey Hughes (Onslow)…or even Patricia Routledge (Hyacinth)? It’s interesting to note that there are very few bloopers or outtakes floating around for Britcoms. In talking with a number of British actors and actresses over […]

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  • As Time Goes By – Take 2

    As Time Goes By – Take 2

    As Time Goes By. One of the classic Britcoms of all time that has put many a smile on viewers faces for years. Little did we know just how grueling and all-businesslike the production was in order to bring us that finished product each week.

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  • The Ninth Doctor a Beatle?

    The Ninth Doctor a Beatle?

    Ok, having difficulty with this one. Am reading in the Guardian about BBC4 project. Former Doctor Who star, Christopher Eccleston, has been tagged to star in Lennon Naked, a film for the Beeb that looks at John Lennon’s life from 1967-1971. To me, Eccleston never seemed to warm to the idea of being the Ninth […]

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  • Happy Thanksgiving from Tellyspotting!

    Happy Thanksgiving from Tellyspotting!

    Well, it’s not British, but it’s a classic and it has something to do with turkey. If anyone can find the entire clip of this, I’d love to have it. For those of you that remember this, enjoy! For those of you that don’t, you need to find it. That said, we hope everyone has […]

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  • Forgive us for this British TMZ moment

    Forgive us for this British TMZ moment

    This one was just too good to pass up. Let me just say this upfront. Dame Judi Dench is the most amazing person on the planet. She’s played two Queen’s, is James Bond’s boss, M, won an Oscar, ten BAFTA’s, two Golden Globes, a Tony and, oh yeah, she was in 67 episodes of As […]

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  • Happy 46th, Doctor Who

    Happy 46th, Doctor Who

    With two hearts, a respiratory bypass system that allows you to go without air, an internal body temperature of 60 degrees and the ability to enter a self-induced coma-like state until your body heals from any mortal injury, it’s not wonder you look as good as you do. You don’t look a day over 400! […]

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  • Rupert Pupkin is no Rowan Atkinson

    Rupert Pupkin is no Rowan Atkinson

    Rowan Atkinson as Carl Sagan on comedy If you are ever posed the question anywhere, anytime, as to what might Rowan Atkinson know about visual humor, let me quickly answer for you and simply say, Rowan Atkinson is the King of Comedy. In this Cosmos-style look at comedy, Rowan discusses what makes visual humor funny. Rowan […]

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  • Yes Minister invades the Ukraine. No, really.

    Yes Minister invades the Ukraine. No, really.

    Following in the footsteps of Turkey, India and the Netherlands, the Ukraine has decided that given its’ democratic independence that began in the 90’s, the time is right to showcase the political opportunism and backroom manipulation that can sometimes go with democracy. What better place to turn than England and a 30-year old series that, […]

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