Downton Abbey…Ghosts in Highclere Castle?

With a mere 91 days and a few hours to go before the PBS Masterpiece premiere of Downton Abbey 2, the UK reached the mid-point of the critically-acclaimed second series last night. Joanne Froggatt, who plays the clever and resourceful Anna, the highest ranking of the lower female servants, might have had a few additional inhabitants on the set to deal with during filming that, no matter which side of the pond you find yourself on, we can’t readily see on the screen each week.

According to Lady Carnarvon, the châtelaine of Highclere Castle where the series is filmed, says that the country pile is haunted. “There are a few different ghosts here. We all know who they are. Some people see ghosts. Some don’t. It doesn’t matter. But a lot of people have lived here, and I think you can tell when something terribly upsetting has happened in a room.”

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  • lynne

    i recorded all the series of downton abbey and have just started watching it and enjoying it very much. i was on the 3rd episode about half way theough , wen it was night time n a man wakes up screaming every1 runs in to his room , but as they were leaving the room n the man was about to lie back down there they were about 4 orbs, its amazing to see as its such an old building ,did any 1 else notice .