• The ultimate 21st century Sherlock? Up to you.

    The ultimate 21st century Sherlock? Up to you.

    CBS gets more ‘Elementary‘ every day We’re all aware of CBS’ plan to produce a pilot for a 21st century Sherlock series for possible pick-up by the network beginning in Fall 2012. And everyone knows how I feel about this idea given some earlier comments about NBC’s failed attempt at Prime Suspect. This one, however, […]

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  • Q&A with Bill Nighy

    Q&A with Bill Nighy

    There are few actors on the planet that once you see a film stars that individual, you automatically head towards Fandango to secure a ticket or set the DVR to record on the telly. Big screen or small, Bill Nighy is one of those individuals for me. Whether you’re talking about his recent small screen […]

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  • First look – Sherlock "Scandal in Belgravia" on PBS

    First look – Sherlock "Scandal in Belgravia" on PBS

    I know we’re still talking about something that’s a bit down the road, but May 6 will be here before you know it. Whatever side of the pond you find yourself on today, you, most assuredly, are either part of the UK Sherlock Separation Anxiety Society or the U.S. Sherlock Anticipation Society. Not to worry! […]

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  • Creating Sherlock's 221b Baker Street "home"

    Creating Sherlock's 221b Baker Street "home"

    In previous weeks, we’ve noted the painstaking efforts that writers Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and Steve Thompson went through to bring us television brilliance. Also, to no one’s surprise, the endless hours of prep the actors put in outside of just “learning their lines” to get it just right are well-documented. Benedict Cumberbatch not only […]

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  • The A-Z of Sherlock

    The A-Z of Sherlock

    While the UK was in the midst of Sherlock separation anxiety given last night was the first Sunday of the new year w/out a bit of Steven Moffat/Mark Gatiss greatness. Fortunately, they had the premiere of Sebastian Faulks’s modern classic set during the First World War, starring Eddie Redmayne and Clémence Poésy. While the U.S. […]

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  • Equal time request: The 10 best Dr. Watsons

    Equal time request: The 10 best Dr. Watsons

    Hopefully, by now, you have been able to select your favorite Sherlock Holmes of all-time. We all know who you selected so, to be clear, you’re in good company if you selected Benedict Cumberbatch. However, it’s been pointed out by several readers that Dr. Watson wants a little equal time. As with the Sherlock rankings, […]

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  • CBS' "Elementary" idea – Been there, done that

    CBS' "Elementary" idea – Been there, done that

    Before we leave our well-deserved bowing before the brilliance that is the BBC’s Sherlock, you may remember back in the fall reading here about an absolutely ridiculous notion that the CBS Television Network had thoughts of creating a 21st century version of Sherlock Holmes. I think, at the time, my only comment was “…how original”. […]

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  • Was that the TARDIS in Sherlock 2?

    Was that the TARDIS in Sherlock 2?

    Given that UK telly watchers have had the great good fortune to see the entire second series of, what I will always and forever refer to as, the brilliance of Sherlock, it’s up to the American television audience to verify the following when the series premieres Sunday, May 6 on PBS as part of the […]

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  • Who are the 20 greatest Sherlocks of all-time?

    Who are the 20 greatest Sherlocks of all-time?

    As the UK enters its last few hours of agony before the final episode of the second series of Sherlock transmits on BBC One, tonight’s broadcast of “The Reichenbach Fall” and the return of Moriarty has got to get everyone pondering as to just who might be the ultimate Sherlock Holmes of all-time. Fortunately, the Telegraph […]

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  • Remembering when mystery was…Mystery!

    Remembering when mystery was…Mystery!

    Thanks, up front, to Laughing Squid for getting me thinking about this and bringing back memories of classic mystery on television some 20-30 years ago that, in some respects, is unmatched today. While Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Endeavor and, even, Great Expectations, are the talk of the telly on both sides of the pond these days, […]

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