Joanne Froggatt – PBS’ Dark Angel
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  • ‘Victoria’ – Series 2 First look!

    While it’s a bit of a belated celebration of Victoria Day (Monday, 22 May), the anniversary of Queen Victoria’s birthday, the producers of the critically-acclaimed British drama from ITV have released the long-awaited first video trailer showing what audiences can expect when Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes return to ITV later this year for series […]

  • Dawn French lends talents to Kelly’s ‘School of Cornish’ advert

    Cornish. It’s a way of life that’s quite unlike any other. While there are those that say it’s a laid back attitude, some say it’s simply not taking life too seriously. Others say it’s just plain quirky. Beginning Monday, whatever it may be, Kelly’s School of Cornish aims to give you a delicious taste of it […]