Countdown to #DowntonDay with Mr. Molesley
  • First look at Sir Ian McKellen as….’Mr. Holmes’

    Ok, it’s not set in the 21st century and it’s not Benedict Cumberbatch but it is 1947, it is Sir Ian McKellen and it definitely is Sherlock! Given the fact that the Sherlock-Nation will be without a new Benedict Cumberbatch episode for roughly another 11 months, we all are in desperate need of a periodic ‘Sherlock […]

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  • Attn: Clunatics! ‘Doc Martin’ S7 to begin filming soon…

    It seemed harmless enough. An innocent Q&A with Martin Clunes that appeared in The Telegraph on Friday seemed quite harmless on the surface. A nice bit about how he spends his rare ‘off-time’ (currently watching BAFTA-nominated films with wife, Philippa, who is not only on the BAFTA jury but also doubles as producer of Doc Martin), references […]

  • Behind-the-scenes with Harry Gordon Selfridge, a.k.a. Jeremy Piven

    As the UK readies itself for the tonight’s opening of Mr. Selfridge on ITV1, Radio Times paid a visit to the production set earlier this year and caught up with Jeremy Piven during filming of the forthcoming wedding of Harry’s oldest daughter, Rosalie, to Russian playboy fiancé, Serge de Bolotoff, played by Leon Ockenden. While […]

  • For David Suchet, it’s goodbye to Hercule Poirot and hello to Lady Bracknell

    After 25+ years of bringing Agatha Christie’s dapper Belgian detective to life, Sir David Suchet will remove the trademark Hercule Poirot hat and moustache in favor of another hat, handbag, dress and petticoat to play Lady Bracknell in a new West End production of The Importance Of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde’s satire of Victorian high […]