R.I.P. Stephen Hawking, 1942-2018
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  • Remembering Father Jack this St Paddy’s Day 2018

    You can wear green all you want, have a pint of Guinness, maybe some Irish Stew or Corned Beef and Cabbage or even go to a parade, but no St. Patrick’s Day salute would be complete without a trip to Craggy Island and a look back at one of the Irish comedy greats, Father Ted. […]

  • Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne pay tribute to Stephen Hawking

    Aside from being recognized as the world’s foremost theoretical physicist/cosmologist, Stephen Hawking had two of the finest actors on Planet Earth portray him over the years. The first time the scientist was ever played on screen saw Benedict Cumberbatch in the 2004 BBC film Hawking with Eddie Redmayne following a decade later in the 2014 Oscar-winning film, […]

  • Grab your bike! The Official ‘Call the Midwife’ Location Tour opens 7 April 2018!

    Attention Call the Midwife fans! Beginning 7 April 2018 and running through 28 October 2018, CTM fans worldwide can hop on their bikes and head to Poplar (actually, The Historic Dockyard Chatham) and go behind-the-scenes of the most-watched drama on BBC1 ever! Created by Heidi Thomas and entering into its 7th series on PBS beginning […]

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