Countdown to #DowntonDay with Mr. Molesley
  • Post-Downton Abbey, what’s up next for Dan Stevens?

    Even though there are still fans of Downton Abbey who blame me for Matthew’s death, we can now safely say that there is ‘life after Downton’ for Dan Stevens, the actor that had that very untimely (and fatal) automobile dust-up at the end of series 3. Since leaving Downton, Stevens has forged a career in […]

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  • ‘Downton Abbey’ to end after series 6? Say it isn’t so, Julian.

    Please do keep in mind when reading the following. The main source of this is…The Mirror. The Downton Abbey-Nation has heard the rumor for some time (like after series 3 and series 4, to be exact) that whatever current series we were in would be the last. Fortunately, so far, it has remained just that, […]

  • H2G2’s Douglas Adams predicted the future of television….no, really!

    A huge TOH to our friends over at the British Comedy Guide for guiding us over to the UsvsTh3m site where there is absolute proof positive of something many have known for decades. Douglas Adams was, and still is, a genius.  Adams, who is best known as the author and mind palace behind Hitchhikers Guide […]

  • Rumors flying about upcoming ‘Sherlock’ Christmas special

    With filming already underway in Gloucester, the Internets are dangerously close to running out of memory given the overabundance of rumors as to a possible storyline for the long-awaited Christmas 2015 Sherlock special. Given the fact that by the time the special airs, it will have been almost two years since our last brush with […]