Steven Moffat on upcoming DW 7 in NY
  • Swedish author discovers lost 13th episode of ‘Fawlty Towers’!

    With the mysterious script chronicled in the book, Fawlty Towers – A Worshiper’s Companion, a lost, never-before-broadcast 13th episode of the classic British comedy, Fawlty Towers, has been discovered. Swedish author, Lars Holger Holm, admits that he viewed the mysterious 13th episode in 1999 in the London flat of an individual from the Editorial Department who worked […]

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  • More ‘Endeavour’ on the way with new ‘Lewis’ not far behind!

    It’s been far too long since we left the world of Endeavour Morse. So many questions remained unanswered after the end of series 2 of Endeavour. “Live in the shadows long enough, you forget the sun.” When we last saw Endeavour Morse, viewers witnessed a falsely accused Morse, played by Shaun Evans, isolated and alone languishing […]

  • What lies ahead for ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Downton Abbey’?

    Now that we are post-Downton Abbey, fans of Sherlock finally have some company for their mutual separation anxiety meetings. From an American perspective, we’re looking at approximately nine months before they both return to our collective lives. With Sherlock looking at an early 2016 return for their fourth series (not counting the proposed Christmas ‘special’ that will take Sherlock […]

  • More new ‘old dogs’ added to final trip around the sun for ‘New Tricks’

    As reported several weeks ago on Tellyspotting. following the conclusion of the forthcoming series of the long-running BBC police procedural, New Tricks, the Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad (UCOS) of the Metropolitan Police Service will have solved its final case when the series calls it quits after 12 years and 107 episodes. The past […]