The 12 days of a 'Sherlock' Christmas – Day 3
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  • Are we about to say goodbye to the greatness of ‘W1A’?

    When you’re the BBC, you faced with having to make endless monumental decisions on an hourly basis. This is no more painfully evident than in what could be the final episode ever of W1A as it seems there’s only one BBC bike and Amanda Holden is not going to be riding it. David Tennant, once again, brilliantly narrates […]

  • DCI George Gently calling it a day after 10 years, 8 series and 23 episodes.

    After ten years and 23 episodes, the eighth and final series of BBC1’s period police drama, Inspector George Gently, is coming to an end on Monday, 30 October. Unfortunately, for me, this will be like a good friend moving away as, much like its period police drama cousin, Endeavour, I love the 60’s and the attention to detail […]

  • ‘The Prisoner’ turns 50!

    Perhaps the greatest television series of all-time (sorry, it’s not Downton Abbey) turned 50! late last month. The Prisoner is made up of 17 hours of  pure television greatness running on ITV in the UK from 29 September 1967 through 1 February 1968. Patrick McGoohan, who co-created, co-wrote, co-directed, co-executive produced and starred in the series as Number […]

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