Vicar of Dibley – Easter, part 1
  • #221back is back!

    Once again, I look at the calendar, see it’s the day after Thanksgiving yet it has to be Christmas! It may be Black Friday to some but stay with me, it’s definitely the day before Boxing Day. Why, you ask? Really simple if you happen to follow Sue Vertue on Twitter. It was a simple […]

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  • For Mrs. Patmore, every day is Thanksgiving at Downton Abbey

    While Thanksgiving isn’t officially celebrated in the UK, it has gained a bit of momentum in recent years with a number of restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner and an increasing number of festivals, including the Harvest Festival where Brits give thanks for food and the year’s harvest. Should Cora’s mother Martha and/or crazy brother Harold blow […]

  • Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot added to BBC One’s Christmas line-up

    At this time every year, I lament my decision to not pack a bag and head to London for Christmas. Aside from the fact that it would be a magical time of year to walk down Regent Street spending hours inside Hamley’s Toy Store before heading over to Oxford Street for a stroll through Selfridges, […]

  • Must-See-TV continues this Sunday with Michael Palin's 'Remember Me' on BBC1

    It continues to be Christmas on a daily basis when it comes to British drama whether it comes from the BBC or ITV. The most recent package under the tree to be unwrapped, Remember Me, began Sunday and continues for the next two Sundays and featured the return of the greatness of Michael Palin in […]