• Happy British Pie Week!

    Happy British Pie Week!

    Whether you celebrate quietly at home with just a few friends or go all out and invite the neighborhood over, it’s British Pie Week in the UK, March 1-7. Stay with me here, there is a hook to British TV in a bit. I know there are a remote few of you out there that […]

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  • Just how does a British comedy get on the air?

    Just how does a British comedy get on the air?

    Fresh from the 2010 BBC Showcase and back on this side of the pond, I thought it might be interesting to everyone who has asked the question at one time or another, “how in the world did that get made” or “I have a great idea for a show, what do I need to do”, […]

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  • The ultimate Doctor Who collectable?

    The ultimate Doctor Who collectable?

    If you’re looking for that hard-to-find, one-of-a-kind collectable for that ultimate Doctor Who fan in your life, tellyspotting has the answer. As reported in the South Wales Echo, the church used in the filming of the 2005 “Father’s Day” episode of Doctor Who starring Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper has been put up for sale. […]

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  • So close, yet so far from Mr. Depp, etc.

    So close, yet so far from Mr. Depp, etc.

    Little did I know… The last night in London, all we had to do was turn right Thursday night out of the hotel past Picadilly Circus to London’s Leicester Square as opposed to left to go to dinner and we could have run into the middle of the Royal premiere of Tim Burton’s 3-D adventure, Alice in […]

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  • BBC Showcase – a postscript

    BBC Showcase – a postscript

    Well, screenings are over (again, we were the last people to leave the Brighton Centre before they kicked us out), but the wind, rain and cold have a new friend, snow, in the forecast. Lots of great finds, as always, during our five days in Brighton. I say this every year, but this has to […]

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  • The return of Upstairs/Downstairs and more…

    The return of Upstairs/Downstairs and more…

    The return to 165 Eaton Place If Monday’s news of Sherlock coming to PBS wasn’t enough, there was the announcement yesterday that WGBH and the BBC have signed a major co-production deal to return to 165 Eaton Place with a new Upstairs/Downstairs. Jean Marsh, who won the Emmy for Best Actress in the original series will return […]

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  • Screenings and Sherlock in the 21st Century

    Screenings and Sherlock in the 21st Century

    Day two – more screening, more wind, rain and cold weather, then more screening. Another 10 hours of screening yesterday which means another opportunity to see some of the best television being produced today. Some highlights from the day: Hustle – from the producers of MI5 (Spooks) and Life on Mars, comes a really great […]

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  • BBC Showcase: British comedy, the new Doctor and more

    BBC Showcase: British comedy, the new Doctor and more

    Day one at BBC Showcase has come and gone, but the weather remains in true “Brighton in Winter” fashion. Saw some great programs yesterday including several British comedy series starring a number of familiar faces. One being a series called Big Top, a series about a traveling circus, stars Amanda Holden (Britain’s Got Talent), Tony Robinson […]

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  • BBC Showcase – Brighton, UK

    BBC Showcase – Brighton, UK

    Greetings from BBC Showcase, Day one As you were, hopefully, sleeping the night away this morning, tellyspotting was arriving at the train station in Brighton, England ready to attend the 2010 BBC Showcase on your behalf. What is BBC Showcase, you may be asking yourself? In simple terms, it’s an incredible meeting put on by […]

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  • Lennon Naked

    Lennon Naked

    We reported (and, admittedly, questioned) awhile back on the news that Christopher Eccleston (the Ninth Doctor) was to play John Lennon in an upcoming feature for BBC4 called Lennon Naked. Haven’t seen any advance trailers as of yet, but if it’s anything like the just released photo of Eccleston as Lennon, I take back everything […]

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